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  • Brand Concept
  • The modern and minimalist , understated design.
    Freely reinterpreted a European sensibility with vintage details
    Modern vintage & French chic style.

  • Design Point
  • - Although not glamorous , modern and based
      on the classic minimalist silhouette.
    - Detail of male doubles.
    - A printed materials and modern reinterpretation of a
      vintage sensibility.

  • Brand Identity
  • ‘ Melange Gray ‘ ' Mixed ' or a compound word of "mixed" means in French is ' Melangguane Juba (melange)' a ' melange (Melange)' and urbane and sophisticated color image of' Gray(Gray)' comes from. Without being tied to one style, and offer a modern and minimalist design that can be used for various express their own identity ,
    The pursuit of urban and sophisticated style.
  • concept
  • concept
  • concept